The Immersive Experience: A New Way of Considering Design Choices

The future is full of exciting developments in technology that are changing the face of interior design and home remodeling. While some of these things we can only speculate on, others are becoming more and more real every day. One of those future technologies that is just finding its stride is an immersive virtual reality experience that will allow you to design in a whole new way.

How VR Will Help

Imagine being able to step into the room that you have remodeled or redesigned, move around in it, make changes right then and there, and see how subtle shifts in design choices can make a difference—all without ever having to leave your home or office, and with absolutely no risk to you at all. Gone are the days when homeowners would have to toss caution to the wind and hope for the best when choosing paint colors. Now they can physically see the color surrounding them, getting a true feel for how their room will look at all times of the day, and how their remodeling choices work with their current space.

Virtual reality is the perfect tool for building client loyalty. If you can provide your clients with an absolutely no-fear guarantee that they’ll love their space before you even begin, they’ll be more likely to come back to you, and to send their friends your way. Consider it a training tool, as well. New designers in your firm can try their hand at matching techniques or items that they don’t have as much experience with, and see it in 3D all around them.

Technology Now

Right now, we are on the bleeding edge (meaning: no other VR tech can compare) development of virtual reality products. Companies like Visualizer Plus have started rolling out simulators for their customers, but for the most part, businesses have only been able to see virtual and augmented reality tools at conventions and proposals. The tools are certainly there, but it will be a few years before they are as commonplace as laptops and tablets have become. This is why VR in home décor and design is so important for these businesses – It’s unique and if anything, a reason for a potential customer to visit sites that use Visualizer Plus.

In the Future

The exciting thing about virtual reality in interior design is that the future is wide open. In fact, websites like Future Time Line predict that within a single generation or two, we’ll have completely miniaturized the virtual reality process, using microscopic robots that affect the user’s nervous system, creating a nearly real virtual reality, almost like a hallucination. These bots would, theoretically, block your senses from seeing the room around you, and instead provide you with the opportunity to live in the space that you’re redesigning.

It wouldn’t stop there. As virtual reality becomes an ever-more popular form of risk-free shopping and comparison, we’d soon have the ability to touch and even feel a virtual replication of new designs and new home features. These technologies are an exciting new development to keep your eye on as your business grows in the future. Your clients may already be asking you about the chance to see and experience your proposals before you ever begin. As you stay on top of cutting edge technology, you can be the first service to offer them that chance.